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'The Outsiders': Webquest      'The Outsiders': Webquest 'The Outsiders': Webquest


Group Process
Teachers Guide


Main Question:

This Webquest will focus on the following two questions. The tasks you are required to complete will link back to these questions and provoke thought regarding the answers...

        1.gif - (3K)  Why do youths join gangs?

     2 - Click image to download. Why was your character part of a gang?

Separate into groups of six, from the list provided each student must select a different character, in selecting the character you will be required to adopt the characters' mindset when completing the tasks. One student must select the role of reporter. Please click on your selected character from the list below:

The following website provides a quiz to establish which Greaser you would be:

Karate kick - (Martial Arts) Which 'Greaser' would you be?


Greasers:   Soc:
Ponyboy Curtis  Sherrie ‘Cherry’ Valance
Sodapop Curtis Bob Sheldon
Darrel (Darry) Curtis  Reporter
Dallas Winston  
Johnny Cade  



Each character will have their own set of tasks to complete, once all have been completed you will reconvene as a group and complete two tasks. Once completed, as a group you will be required to present your completed quest to the class! Good Luck!

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