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Group Process
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You are a member of a gang… it's night time, rain is falling and the temperature has dropped below ten Degrees Celsius. You are with your best mate, you both decide to head home, however when you arrive home you get in a massive fight with your guardian, in this case your older brother. You understand why he’s upset, it’s late, he was worried, but lately it seems as though he just doesn’t care about you anymore, he lashes out and you freak. Do you :

      a) take off as fast as you possibly can

      b) Stay and see it out with your brother

a) You take off to the park and meet up with your best mate..., members of your rival gang approach and start mouthing off. You can’t stand the torment and retaliate, they lunge forward, you take off and they follow, ending in a massive brawl… culminating in a face off fight with your rival gang.

b) You’re really angry and your brother instantly regrets and apologises for hitting you. You yell and fight for a long time but once you both realise you need each other and there has been a massive lapse in communication between you both you settle down and continue on as a better family.

Selecting option a) is the beginning to ‘The Outsiders’, and leads to the deaths' of 3 young men, posing the questions- Why are gangs formed? What is the basis for joining a gang?

Please click on the fire below and complete the worksheet as a pre-assessment evaluation on your knowledge of 'The Outsiders' and gangs...  once completed proceed to the task.                                  

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