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   Group Process                           

'The Outsiders': Webquest      'The Outsiders': Webquest      'The Outsiders': Webquest   
Group Process
Teachers Guide


Task 1:

Please select 2 and complete


Option 1: Act out and record a scene from the novel.
Film and video - (Movies) 

Town for Kids: Making movies                                                

Film and video - (Movies)

Microsoft: Making Movies

Option 2:

Create a poster for the scene you recorded or the novel.


Feature presentation - (Movies) Movie Posters Link 1  

Feature presentation - (Movies) Movie Posters Link 2


Option 3: Create a new sleeve for the novel.
3d book2 - (Books) How to make a book cover 3d book2 - (Books)  Book cover examples
Option 4:


Record an interview with the characters from the novel in the form of a talk-show.

Cartoon TV - (Television) Talk Shows Guide  
Group Task 2:

As a group present the material you have collected. Together you will collate the completed work and present it to the class. In presenting your work to the class you will have the opportunity to exhibit the hard work and dedication you invested in this Webquest, be proud of your achievements!

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