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Cherry Tasks



Task 1: Complete character profile page

Character Profile Page
Profile Link

Task 2: What made Cherry different? Was she really a Soc? As Cherry, write a diary entry (min 200 words) referring to her emotions and thoughts regarding one scene in the book. Please choose an appropriate scene such as her confrontation with Dallas at the drive-in etc...

Personality Link 1

How to write a journal/ diary entry

Chapter Summary

Personality Link 2

Task 3: Choose a quote from the novel that you believe defines Cherry. Explain why this defines Cherry, minimum 300 words. Must be original work!      

Quotes Link 1

Quotes Link 3

Quotes Link 2  

Brilliant work! Now you've completed your character tasks, reconvene with your group and begin the group tasks... Good Luck!!                                                                                                                                                             

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